‘Appy Days
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‘Appy Days

Ordering Ease with Firecracker Canteen App

If you’re already a Firecracker fan then you’ll know we’re the proud purveyors of food that’s all kinds of Asian. It’s Japanese, it’s Chinese, it’s Thai, it’s not afraid of a little spice – it’s modern oriental dining. After the success of our Westminster branch we’re excited to be expanding faster than you can say “Dim Sum” as Firecracker Canteen opens its door in East London – a little bit of West meets East, if you like.

The news doesn’t stop there as tech experts are at this minute buried under a mountain of code, getting ready to unveil our brand new app. Very soon, you’ll be able to browse, order and track your favourite dishes, and even pay in-app too, saving you that last minute scrabble for change as you hear the knock of the delivery driver.

Gone are the days when you’d need to start a full-scale man-hunt for the menu that glided through you letter box three months ago. You were positive it went in the hallowed Takeout Menu Drawer, but now you’re not so sure and that’s just when you find it, battered and torn, under the door mat. Now, you can tick that issue right off your life-list as downloading our app means you’re going to be able to peruse the full list of Firecracker dishes at your leisure. Plus, we’ll be updating it regularly to include specials and offers, and if you turn on notifications they’ll all come direct to your phone too.

Your thumb’s going to be itching to click the “order now” button once you’ve taken a trip East with our menu and it couldn’t be easier. Ordering in app means no hurried conversations with our telephone operatives during a busy Saturday night service, when you’re never quite sure if you can hear one another. When you’ve placed your order you’ll be able to see your delivery time too so you’ll know when to put the beer in the fridge and load up a movie. What’s more, if your food ETA is going to change, we can send you a notification updating you so your night runs like clockwork and your input is kept to a minimum – don’t say we don’t treat you well!

The Firecracker Canteen app makes your life easier in the long-term but to celebrate its launch right now, we’re filling April choc-full of offers to say thanks for downloading. The first time you use the nifty system, we’ll give you a virtual pat on the back and 20% off your bill, and with our extensive menu it’s easy to spend £20 – if you hit that marker we’re giving you free prawn crackers and no-one says no to free nibbles, right? If you’re feeling flush or catering to a bunch of hungry mouths then orders over £100 through the app get you a £5 voucher next time your feeling like a Firecracker food party.

Here’s the rundown of what we’re offering:

  • 20% first time order using our app: First20
  • Free prawn crackers over £20: FREECRACKERS
  • 20% off and free prawn cracker on orders over £40: 20OVER40
  • Plus: Receive a £5 voucher for every £100 spent when order using our App

Ordering through our app means better communication and more deals direct to you. With offers there for the taking just for downloading and more for placing an order through the system, we want Firecracker to be at your fingertips. We’re confident that the sweet little icon on your home screen – a portal to Oriental food heaven – will keep customers new and old truly ‘appy (we had to – it was waiting to be said!).

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