We All Scream For Ice Cream!
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We All Scream For Ice Cream!

Isn’t it annoying when you’ve got Asian food on the mind and you can’t find the ragged menu you were sure the postman slid under your door a couple of months ago? You go online, you find the website of your favourite takeout spot but, oh no, there’s no online menu. Surely in this, the modern world, you can’t be expected to traipse to the actual premises to choose your dish and collect it as well? Firecracker Canteen, to the rescue!

We’ve got it all – tasty modern Asian cuisine, a 100% Halal menu, and an app to keep your hunger at bay when dragging yourself out the house just isn’t an option. Our app is the simplest and quickest way for you to get your order across – no more scrabbling around for the menu and the days of indecision-on-the-phone-while-the-server-reads-off-the-specials are officially over. The Firecracker app is available to download right this very second (you don’t have to get to it right now – but it would be great if you could!) and gives you a convenient, easy way to take the stress out of takeout. Since we’re super generous types, we’re throwing in some special offers for app-users including 20% off your first in-app order and loyalty rewards and discounts for regular users too, what more do you want? A million pounds and a private jet, you say? Who needs that when you’ve got our ramen in hand…?!

So – Halal menu? Check. Handy ordering app? Check. The best Asian food this side of the Indian Ocean? That’ll be a check! What more could we possibly have to offer? Well, funny you should mention that (we know you were wondering in your mind…don’t deny it) because right now, we’re giving away a free tub of ice-cream to a lucky few. Just spend over £20 on your order to get your hands on a free 120ml tub of Jude’s Ice Cream, a dairy-licious way to round off your meal. Even better, get a few mates round, order over £30 of food from our menu and bag yourself two tubs of Jude’s!

Forget about work for a minute and make yourself a to-do list of joy – download Firecracker app, eat tasty Firecracker food, finish with free Firecracker ice cream courtesy of that lovely man Jude. Night made.

* Jude’s Free ice cream offer is only available when ordering through the firecracker canteen app or firecracker canteen website. This offer applies to delivery orders only and is available for a 120ml size tub of ice cream. Offer ends 31/8/16.

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